The view at 8:00 pm #sun #forest

The view at 8:00 pm #sun #forest

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Pantene Beautiful Length Campaign.- (Part3)

In order to continue with the next part of the paper it is important to recap what has been previously established. Having a brand connected to a social cause helps improve the image and reputation of the company and with this increase, its income. It is also important to mention that as Hoffman and Novak (1994) said the popularity of the Internet as both a tool for business and a channel for advertising are its appealing demographic and efficacy as marketing medium. Kanso and colleagues (2005) pointed out that given the freedom in the amount of information that can be shown, how it can be displayed and the interactive nature of the Internet, a web pages has the potential of satisfying most of the user’s needs and interests.

After seeing all of this it was important to find out: “How does the visual rhetoric of a web-based campaign like Pantene function within the larger campaign?” This was designated as the research question and purpose of this study. In order to answer this question the Pantene Beautiful Length campaign was chosen. Because it uses both online and offline means of diffusion and has for a purpose helping cancer victims the campaign was considered perfect for the analysis.

It was found that the campaign implemented colors and symbols (ribbon, pink, and lavender) that are tied to cancer and communicated their involvement with the cause. Another important aspect was the implementation of both famous and regular women in the campaign. This is interesting because usually only one of the two is used on advertising campaigns but Pantene chose to use both. Seeing celebrities showed how everyone was moved by the cause, and using volunteers showed how anybody could help.

Besides having a website, Pantene used a Facebook page where volunteers could share their stories and let other know about the experience of donating. World of mouth communication was a key aspect of the campaign and Pantene promote this with the Facebook page and the Twitter hashtag #Beautyfullengths.

The difference between the online and offline approach was notaries. The offline campaign serves as an informative campaign. They use celebrities as a symbol of support, images of the Beautiful Length line products and the campaign colors and icon (cancer ribbon) so the audience can feel more familiarized with it. The online campaign has its focus on encouraging users to share their donation experience or reading others stories. The usage of real women pictures is prominent here in order to support the message. Some illustrations are used on the main website, this resemble children’s drawing and makes the page cosier. Mixing the “down to earth” look with the sophisticated style of Pantene helps the target feel both attracted and connected to the campaign.

The campaign has a very specific target and the design of the each piece appeal to it. Middle and high class women from 13-50 are the intended audience for the Beautiful Length campaign. The usage of curved lines, thin font and pastel colors (pink, lavender, white and yellow) represent feminism which exclude men from the equation. The implementation of golden details and the hint of sophistication that is part of Pantene’s image leave out females from lower class. Having young women on the pictures also excluded older women from the campaign which hair (because is usually gray or dyed) would not work for the wigs.

All of these facts gave answers to the research question. This campaign had an informative value and intended to stimulate hair donations. It also mixed the classy Pantene style with the common everyday style. The task of the visual rhetoric of the online portion of this social marketing campaign seeks a connection with the audience that will encourage participation with the cause. Being the Internet an interactive medium that allows the easy display of large loads of information, it is not a surprise that it was used for interaction with the users.

Knowing this it is more than clear implementing online means on a social marketing campaign gives a unique advantage that offline media doesn’t have: interaction with the target. Offline media don’t provide this interaction which makes them more of an informative medium. Being able to connect with the audience is extremely important on this type of campaigns. Social marketing sells a cause, an ideology, and because of this a two way communication is necessary.

Another important aspect of social marketing is that by implementing companies are seeking the participation of the campaign’s target with the cause. As the Pantene Beautiful Length showed, interacting with the audience helps getting contributions.

Knowing all this, using online media on a social marketing campaign is rather favorable. This makes the connecting with the audience easier and stronger by making and interaction possible. Online visuals on social media campaigns should promote interactions and also encourage participants of the cause to talk about their experience with the campaign. This gives more credibility to the campaign and people are more willing to help.


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Pantene Beautiful Length Campaign.- (Part2)

With global warming and diseases such as cancer, social marketing has become an important branch of marketing. Many companies have being using social marketing to improve the reputation to their brand. Connecting your product or service to a brand improves the way society sees your company, could increase sales and help solve the issue (cause) in some way.

Internet is considering one of the fastest growing media. The internet as a mass communication media gives the opportunity of interaction between the transmitter and the receiver of the message that previous mass communication media (traditional media) did not offered. The worldwide sharing of information makes the internet a proficient channel for advertising. Because of this many agencies have use this platform to create innovative forms of both marketing and advertising.

Given all of these it’s important to make comparison between the usages of offline (traditional) and online (internet) media in a social marketing campaign. After determining that the following research question appeared:

·         RQ1: Online sources such as websites and social networks are better than conventional mass media to spread a social marketing campaign?

·         RQ2: People feel more attracted to social marketing campaigns when they use websites and social networks as means of diffusion?

·         RQ3: How significant is the role of visual communication on social marketing campaigns that use websites and social networks?

In order to find the answer to these research questions it’s necessary to analyze a social marketing campaign that uses websites and social networks as means of diffusion. The “Beautiful Length” campaign by Pantene has been chosen to achieve that. The reason why this campaign it’s perfect for this topic is because it uses both websites and social networks (Facebook/Twitter) and also uses conventional mass media to spread their campaign. Having a social marketing campaign that uses both online and offline advertising helps make a comparison between the two diffusion approaches.

Pantene has not created a specific website, Facebook or twitter account to promote the beautiful length campaign. What they did is that they created a “Beautiful Length” line of products and they have a section of their website aimed at this. They have done the same with their Twitter and Facebook accounts; the only difference is that on Facebook more than 70% of the page is used for the Beautiful Length campaign

Visually speaking the campaign combines different shades of pink, purple, yellow or golden and white. Pink and purple are related to women who are the target of this campaign. Yellow/golden represents the Pro-V component that is the key element of all Pantene products. Another element implemented is the cancer ribbon. The usage of this ribbon lets people know that this campaign has something to do with cancer without even needing to read about it.

Something interesting is that there is a cancer ribbon color chart and depending on the color of the ribbon a different cancer is supported. Pantene is not supporting a specific type of cancer, there are just trying to help cancer victims regardless of the kind of cancer. Therefore, the ribbon used by the campaign has both pink, that represents breast cancer which is the largest affecting cancer of women (main target of the campaign) and shades of purple but mainly lavender which represents all cancers. So the symbolism of the colors used on the ribbon let you know that Pantene is particularly fond of women but also support all cancer victims.

The absence of manly colors creates a feminist atmosphere in the campaign and it helps to get the attention of the target. Also the lack of angles in the graphics used give a sense of movement and freedom that is often relates to feminism. The graphics use thin and delicate fonts for the text which are also appealing to females.

The campaign uses two type of character for their pictures. It could be female public figures that have beautiful and healthy hair that support the campaign (Zooey Deschanel, Naomi Watts, etc.) or it could be regular people that have participated by donating their hair or by getting a wig created by Pantene. Is interesting how they both, icons and regular people in the same campaign to attract people to it. Usually an icon or regular people are used, but Pantene chose to use both. With this they show that everybody from a celebrity to an average person needs to recognize the importance of helping cancer victims.

The part of the Pantene website that the campaign has, functions as an informative page of the campaign. Here what Pantene is doing and how you can help it, is explained and the line of products is presented. The Facebook page serves as a story sharing page. Here Pantene uploads pictures and post of the hair donation events and people who have participated (celebrities or average people) can share their personal experience with the donation. On Twitter there is a Beautiful Length hashtag (#beautifullengths) that user used to share their donation story.

Pantene is using the two step flow communication model through social networks and is relaying on its costumers for this. The good thing of this kind of approach is that the message is more appealing and it seems more truthful for potential consumers. This is basically why this campaign is so big now-a-days.

Pantene Beautiful Length Campaign.-

This week I will analyze the Pantene Beautiful Length campaign, this is a charity campaign created in July 2006 by Pantene in partnership with the American Cancer Society. Pantene is one of the most famous hair care products and the America Cancer Society is the largest non-profit health organization dedicated to saving and improving cancer victim’s lives.

In this order Pantene created the line Beautiful Length that nourishes hair in order for it to grow longer and healthier. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage women to grow their hair so they can later cut it off and donate it for creating wigs. Pantene receives the hair and creates the wigs and later on gives them to the American Cancer Society who is in charge of giving them to cancer victims.

The title of the campaign, “Beautiful Length”, goes hand in hand with this purpose. Damages and short hair cannot be used in the manufacturing of natural hair wigs. In order for the hair to work, it needs to be at least 8 inches long, natural color and without split ends. 

The intended audience for this campaign is women from any age or economical status who will like to contribute to the cause. This campaign is being distributed thru all mass media (TV, Radio, Print, Billboards, Magazines, Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc). At first it was only widespread in the United States but rapidly reached all of America. 

‘‘In social marketing the product is often information designed to bring about attitudinal and behavioral change’’ (2003, Donovan and Henley, p. 33). What social marketing seeks is to deliver information to the audience in order to make them change their mind about the issue and therefore their attitude towards it. Pantene takes a well know cause (cancer) and encourage women to help the victims. Usually women are not willing to cut the hair, but Pantene tries to change this behavior by creating the campaign. By showing the issue and explaining how cutting their hair will help, this change is possible.

“Based on Griskevicius et al., there are at least three social motivations that will drive individuals to alter their behavior in a more pro-environmental way. 1. Social obligation…. 2. Social recognition. … 3. Social influence.” (2012, Wigder, p.1). This is very true; obligation, recognition and influence are what makes people follow a social cause and contribute with it. In the case of Pantene they take into consideration these three factors by letting women of all age and economic status participate. Because of this families donate their hair together (obligation and influence) and they share their story with everybody through the Facebook page (recognition).

“The interviewers were discovering that people received a great deal of their information and influence directly from other people!” (1995, Lowery and DeFleur, p. 89). The two step flow applies perfectly to the Pantene campaign. One of the ways in which people get to know this campaign is through personal influence. Women who get in touch directly with the campaign are so touched and moved by it that they feel the need to tell family and friends.




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The Wildenhain exhibit.-

This week I visit the Wildenhain exhibit, located in the Bevier Gallery at RIT. Frans Wildenhain is one of world’s greatest ceramist of the Crafts Movement. He usually used Earthenware, sometimes with a water resistant glaze, and Stoneware. Either Oxidation or Reduction was used for the coloring of the pieces. His work can be recognized by his signature at the bottom. He signed in two ways, with his initials FW with a side way W or his last name with incised upper and lowercase. The signatures were always located at the bottom of the pieces.

In this analysis I’ll be focusing on what his artwork lacked. What Wildenhain chose not to display and the reason why he might have done that. His pieces used mostly earth related colors, basically because of the usage of Oxidation and Reduction. Over all, bright colors were absent. The fact the he used natural material and coloring techniques may imply that he was against the usage of chemical. This could be seen as a Green initiative of his part, a way of helping the environment.

Human forms almost absent and the few you could find were abstract. The lack of realism on the few human figures could represent his view of humanity. Maybe humanity was something that disappointed him and this could be why he chose not to use it much, or represent it with distortion.

Pieces also lack identity, they were all name with the name of the material they were created with. Maybe he didn’t want to induce any interpretation to the viewer and sometimes giving the piece a name can do that. He could have wanted the spectator of the piece to formulate his own conclusions of the meaning.

Angles were also missing on the pieces. The pieces were curvy and straight lines were nowhere to be found. Angles and straight lines are rigid elements and usually give the feeling of restriction and lack of mobility or freedom. Curves are dynamic and give the impression of movement, flow and continuity. Perhaps Wildenhain didn’t want the viewer to feel constraint by his art work.

I personally liked the shapes of the pieces, they were different and unique. Also the mixture of glazed surfaces with rough texture was something I really liked. The exhibit had different pieces and was very diverse. I’m a very dynamic person and always feel attracted by things that are unusual, that stand out from the patterns. I like variety; I get bored easily when in contact with the same thing for a long time. This is why his art work caught my attention. I’ve never seeing pottery with those shapes. The lack of bright color was something that personally I didn’t like. I’m from the Caribbean and I love bright colors. The color is usually what initially calls my attention when I see an art pieces, and in this exhibit that wasn’t the case.

The lighting and the spacing was appropriate for the collection. It was illuminated enough so the viewer could appreciate the details of the pieces, but it didn’t feel blinding. People had enough space between pieces and felt free to walk and admire them. When visiting and exhibit I like having space to walk around without being afraid of touching anything. I also like to be able to see pieces without feeling on the spot light. The reason for this is that I feel uncomfortable when I don’t feel that I have the freedom to do what I want and when everyone knows what I’m doing.

The location and size of each piece signage was adequate, and people could see them with no problem. Having boards with information around the exhibit was an excellent way to inform people of the history of Wildenhain, his art work and pottery in general. This helps people that don’t have any knowledge of this field to understand better the collection. I like to have some information when viewing a collection, because I don’t like feeling lost and not understanding what’s going on around me.

Overall it was a good exhibit and I would recommend people to go and see it.

St. James & St. John.-

This week we had to pick one of the pieces of art on the RIT campus and identify symbolic elements according to the Helmer’s text. I chose the untitled painting of St. James and St. John located on the Mezzanine, Schmitt Interfaith Center. This is 33”x25” oil and gold leaf on wood panels and the author is unknown. I come from a catholic family and went to a catholic school, and even though I’m not a practicing catholic, I’ve always found their icons and the meaning of their arts interesting.

The painting portrays St James and St. John whom were brothers and cousins of Jesus and in order to understand the symbolism of this painting is important to know their stories. They belong to the first group of disciples that were called and this, plus the fact that they were part of Jesus family, gave them prominent position among the rest. Even though they were brothers and both important disciples they lived their lives separate which could be the reason why their portrayed together but separate at the same time. Their also constrained but oval which is a circular shape. The circle means eternity and wholeness, both characteristic of saints.

Both of them were canonized (proclaimed Saints) reason why they have a halo around their head which mean they’re sacred figures. What each one is holding is also very important and has a significant meaning. St. James is holding a pillar the reason for this is that according to the legend, Mary appeared to him on the bank of the Ebro River at Caesaraugusta, while he was preaching. The Virgin appeared upon a pillar and left it as testimony of her visit. After this, James returned to Judea where he became the first martyr at the hand of Herod Agrippa I. St. John on the other hand is holding a book, most likely a bible. He is generally considered by the Church Fathers as the author of five of the New Testaments books. He was also known as a wised man, and knowledge is one of the main meanings of books on art.

Color plays a very important rolled on the meaning of this painting. Both saints are surrounded by gold and yellow. Gold means “radiance of heaven” and yellow means “purity” these both make reference to the sanctity of the figures represented on the painting. The colorings of each garment if very important and reflect aspects of each saint. Both have red in some part. One of the many meanings of red is power, importance, passion and anger. These brothers as mention before had some power over the rest of the disciples and a bigger importance. They were also known as “Boanerges” (sons of thunder), this nickname was given to them by Jesus because when they were pushed and lost their patience their anger resembled a thunder, wild and fierce.

James undergarment is red and in this case this represents the blood of the martyrs and James was the first disciple to become a martyr. His cloth is deep violet which is the color of monarchy. James wasn’t a monarch himself, but in the Patron Saint of Spain which has a monarchy. John’s clothing tells us a different story. His undergarment is blue which symbolize human life, hope, good heath and state of servitude. All of these were characteristics of John who was known as the beloved disciple of Christ and the most serviceable of all. He was also very healthy and was the only disciple who died because of he’s advanced age. He also is wearing a red cloth and the red over blue has a special meaning. Red meanings, among other things, divine life and the combination of red above blue means the human life (blue) was granted gift by God (divine life). As the oldest disciple to lived, Christ legacy, the church, stayed under his responsibility the longest and this was the gift he received from God.

The usage of green on the background of John’s portion of the painting is essential. Green means fertility and hope. John has been accredited five books of the New Testament which make him a very fertile source of Christian literature. After Jesus death the church was on jeopardy and as the disciple who lived the longest he was the one who gave true hope to the future of the church. James’s portion has brown on the background. Brown means earth and humility. James was a missionary and went from Judea to Spain (walked the earth) preaching Gods word. He was also a very humble person.

Something very interesting is that even though James was the elder brother he’s represented as younger. The reason for this is that James died at a young age. John on the other hand lived longer than any disciple and was the only one to die of natural causes. The longevity of John’s life in contrast with the early death of James is reflected on the painting.








Bourée 2A4A review.-

This week I visited Burton Kramer’s exhibit “Visual Music” that’s being displayed at the Vignelli Center. While walking through the art pieces one in particular caught my attention, it was a 42”x42” acrylic on canvass painting called Bourée 2A4A. I will use the step three of Helmers guidelines for reviewing art in order to analyze this piece.

What I actually liked the most was the colors, the artist mixed primary and secondary colors at its majority creating a vivid and somewhat contrasting piece. Red even though is only used once is the color that predominates the most because it is implemented on the largest element of the painting which is also centered (that’s why I felt drawn to the painting). Kramer chose not to use shade or lighting of any kind creating a lack of depth on Bourée 2A4A.

Another literal element that Helmers talk about in her reading is the shapes. This painting uses basic shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles. These don’t have a specific arrangement and are just placed around the surface and they are not proportional at all, this gives the composition an asymmetric balance. Never the less, Kramer located all of the elements near the center creating some white space that surrounds them. It is also clear that the red square at the center is the dominant element of the pieces because of its position, sized and color which give it the most weight.

I believe Kramer was not interested in creating any type of patterns or texture, the pieces looks smooth but I don’t believe that was intentionally. I liked how the artist combined so many shapes and arranged them in a way that they seem rigid (even though all of them have angles) but have harmony between them. launching campaign analysis.

I’m a graphic designer and I worked for quite a time as a digital prepress coordinator fora company located in the Dominican Republic called Berry Dominicana, which gives support to The Berry Company. But, what is The Berry Company you may ask? This is one of the five largest Yellow Pages Company in the United States. Berry is in charge of selling, publishing and distributing Yellow Pages directories through all the US. Berry Dominicana helps doing this by working important parts of the process such as the creation of covers, preliminary pages and specialty items among others.

One day I was working and one of my coworkers asked me what I thought about this designs the Human Resources supervisor asked him to do. Berry Dominicana is a relatively new company and as many companies do on their beginnings, they decided to create and internal campaign to let their employees know that for them what they think is important and what to then when they had a new idea, question or just needed some information. The result was the launching campaign which was a set of 3 designs that were located around the building for the employees to see.

Here are the pieces:

My fellow designer worked 3 concepts: “Do you have a good idea?”, “Do you need any information?” and “Do you have any question”. Every piece had the same graphic line and only used typographies. My first impression when I saw the pieces was “Wow”, as always, he managed to create an impressive design from a not so impressive message. Every piece had an icon created with font that had message that supported each individual message. This plus the usage of the company’s color only made the design look clean and professional but modern and interesting at the same time.

When the campaign was launched it caught the eye of every employee, this actually means a lot because we all used to sort of ignore what was on the boards. Everybody thought it was a good design, they described it as fresh and modern, and they thought it was way better than the other designs the company used, and so did I. The campaign was a success! People actually stopped to read what it said and got to know the email.

Something very important was that the audiences the arts were made for felt identified with them and thought it reflected their style. The designs Jerosky (my coworker) created fitted perfectly the context, but then again knowing his designs it would. They were simple but not boring and went hand in hand with the corporate image of Berry Dominicana. They also looked contemporary and didn’t seemed old fashion, this was basically because of the font, images, colors and lighting effects used.

These pieces were printed and located on the boards and common areas of the building and sent by email to the employees, because of the way the elements were arranged the designs looked spacious and worked perfectly for the media. Another thing that helped the message was what the design said and how it was displayed. Putting the heading inside a text balloon and the change of color and size of the font helped to emphasize the heading and some important words.

The way the designer captured and displayed the message made the campaign work! Because of this everyone at the berry company knew and started to use it.

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